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Be careful what you wish for…

Sam dreams of simple things… a real friend, the freedom to go on picnics on the moors in England. Just one problem–she doesn’t have arms or legs, except in a special room where she can be projected as a 3D hologram, just like the holodeck on Star Trek.

When her dad surprises her with a special tablet, capable of transporting her anywhere in mobile holographic form, she goes on her first picnic ever! It’s a wish come true… until things go horribly wrong.

There’s no going back now. For the first time in Sam’s life, the future is unwritten.

Project S.A.M. is the thrilling short story prequel in the award-winning Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures middle grade series. If you want to learn how Sam became the advanced artificial intelligence of Putney’s Magic eyePad, then you’ll love Marsha Tufft’s quirky tale… available as a FREE PDF exclusively to Marsha’s VIP subscribers HERE! 

If you are under 13, please ask a grown-up to help you.

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