airfoils everywhere

This two part experiment takes inspiration from nature’s fliers – including plant seeds, butterflies, and birds. Then we’ll make a test paper whirligigs and paper airplanes to see what we can learn about flight!

whirligig experiment

Join me to make and test paper whirligig’s to model how maple seeds fly! You will need two different weights of paper and some paper clips.

Or, you can test different wing designs to see if you can find a favorite flyer!


paper airplane experiment

In this second experiment, we relate swimming to flapping flight, then learn how the Wright Brothers solved the problem of controlled flight! 

Then we make a simple paper airplane, test it, and fly it. Try cutting flaps in the rear of the wing and bending one up. What happens?


Project first flight

For even more information on butterflies, flapping flight, and the connection to swimminglike how to make a 2D wind tunnel – check out the award-winning third book in my Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures series: Project First Flight!

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