SURFBoat design

Want to learn about the design process, and how to make my surfboat V3? Look no further!

Join my boys, Harry and George, on their very own surfboat adventure, beginning with “The Tank” aka Surfboat V2, to my greatly improved lightweight Surfboat V3. It all started with a cardboard boat race…

I’ll post more details about the Plan-Do-Check-Act design cycle used to refine my design, plus the deep water boat ramp that actually worked (and was tested in a swimming pool!) as I get a few more minutes. Meanwhile, checkout my design and construction sketches! Check out my cardboard boat web page for the details on how to size YOUR cardboard boat!

Photo by Marsha Tufft aka MK Tufft

How did i get from "the tank"... a very heavy cardboard surfboat to my lightweight v3?

It’s called a problem-solving design cycle… PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT.

What’s your goal? What are the must haves? Plan it, make it, test it, check it out. What do you want to improve? Roll that in (ACT) to your next cycle and repeat!

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