School Visits

Book me for a school visit! I offer in-person visits to schools in the Greater Cincinnati area, as well as Hilton Head – schedule permitting.
I’m available for virtual visits around the world via Zoom.

book me for a school visit

Marsha has worked with more than 1000 students through middle school visits and STEM summer camps. Sessions can be planned for full day, half-day, or single talks with all or parts of schools or grade levels. Sessions are usually 45 minutes each in length but can be tailored based on school or teacher needs.

Virtual visits are also available for classrooms, schools, and families around the globe. While it’s not quite like being together in person, there’s a lot that can be shared through platforms like Zoom.

Presentation topics include: 

  • Problem-solving and design skills
  • Buoyancy experiment & build a cardboard boat
  • Rapid prototyping experiment & design process
  • Being an author
  • First drafts and the revision process
  • Answering lots and lots of questions!

For more information or to book your author visit, please click below.


Check out this article from the Wilmington News Journal about my visit to Blanchester Intermediate School on 3/4/2021, where we did the Buoyancy experiment from my second book, The Cardboard Boat Race.

If you’d like to book me for a visit to your school, either in-person for schools in the Greater Cincinnati-area, or virtual school visits, please contact me! (Just scroll down to the bottom of any of my webpages to reach out!)


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