Curious about my panel quilt designs? Check out the handouts from my seminars at Island Quilters. Want to learn basic skills, and essential tools? Check out my tips and techniques below… keep checking back, more to come!

New ways to incorporate PANELs in your quilt designs

Explore the design evolution of my panel quilt designs, plus some key tools and lessons learned!

quilts aren't just for beds... make a couch quilt!

Got a dog? Or just want to protect your cushions from sweat and dirt? Make a couch quilt! Panels are wonderful for incorporating into a couch quilt design.

The putney Jelly Roll Quilt

Jelly roll quilts use random strips of fabric 2.5″ wide, sewn together in random order to form one long strip. This strip is then folded in half and sewn along the long side. This is repeated until you have the size you want for your quilt.

Instead of random placement of strips, the Putney Jelly roll design uses a panel fabric for alternating strips, with spacers at the top and bottom. You decide the stagger to give movement to your quilt. This is a versatile way to use panel fabrics for bed quilts, couch quilts, or dog bed quilts!

Tips and calculations for a Putney Jelly Roll quilt

Jelly roll quilts have LONG straight seams… and a regular presser foot can stretch one side of your fabric, resulting in curved seams.

Check out this tip sheet for my suggested steps to design your own quilt, plus tips and tools to help… like using a walking foot to piece those long seams to keep them straighter!

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