Sea turtle challenge

Did you know that it takes about 60 days for sea turtle eggs to mature? So, July is the month we start to see hatchlings emerge from their nests on Hilton Head Island! I’ll be

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The Geometry of catapults

Join me in this week’s STEM video, the Geometry of Catapults, as I take you on a math adventure to discover amazing insights into how our catapults work, and what we can do to tune

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The power of small wins

What if you could set yourself up for success by doing one small thing every day? Would you try it? What do successful dog trainers know that many parents don’t? Sometimes it’s not how you

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Catapult Game BONUS Video

Last week my catapult challenge to you was: Given a range (distance) to your target, can you tune your catapult & projectile to hit your target? Part of the engineering design process is to measure

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Got your catapult? How’s your GAME?

If you built your cardboard catapult last week, join me on this week’s video and learn how to use a simple PLAN–DO–CHECK–ACT design cycle to improve your game! My challenge to you this week:  Given

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