The right tools and materials can make everything easier! So I thought I’d share some of my favorite things with you… and how I use them. Be creative! Remember – there’s more than one way to solve most problems – let me know if you find a cool trick of your own!

making supplies... sit-upons, pocket purses, etc.

Here are some of my favorite making supplies for totes, sit-upons, butterfly emerging cases, and organizer cases… to name a few of my many projects! I even made a backpack for my underwater hockey gear once!
My favorite sources include Sailrite and Rockywoods Fabrics... and they have so much more to offer than I’ve listed below. JoAnn Fabrics is also useful for some supplies, and I’ve also gotten cording, webbing, and parachute buckles from a local store, Benchmark Outfitters (they cater to people who like to climb, kayak, hike, ski… you get the idea!)

Making Materials – Sailrite

Top Notch 9 Fabric, ~ $13.95 to $16.90/yard

Phifertex Standard Vinyl Mesh 54” Fabric (~$15.95/yard)

Dura-Skrim Patterning Material (74”, 5 yards for $19.25)

  • They use this to make patterns for cushions, etc. I’ve used it to make a Zebra Swallowtail kite, and several organizing totes… or one side of an organizer tote or an internal pocket because you can see through it, and it’s waterproof. Cool stuff! Just use a wider stitch than you might normally so you don’t completely perforate the plastic!

YKK Continuous Zipper Chain #5 by the yard ($0.35/ft – black)

YKK Continuous Zipper Slider #5 black metal ($0.20 each)

YKK AquaGuard Water Repellent Continuous Zipper #10 black ($3.30/ft, black) – I used this when making my fabric surfboat shell. 

YKK Zipper Slider #10 black metal ($0.65 ea)

Rockywoods Fabrics – D-rings

Rockywoods Fabrics – Nylon Webbing

JoAnn Fabrics – 

Everything Mary Lobster Onyx Swivel Clasps (set of 2, ~$4.49)

Belting Elastic – 1” wide, often available in stores

Black PVC mesh fabric, often available in stores

quilting resources

These are some of my favorite go-to tools. My Amazon affiliate links are included. The one-inch T-pins work great with the Design Walls I make from one-inch thick Lowes green insulation board – very handy for pinning your blocks up, and testing color combinations before you sew!

Links are also embedded in the images, so you can go direct to the Amazon page with a click!

3M Adhesive Non-Slip Silicone Grips for Quilt Templates Ruler, Semi-Transparent, 3 Sheets, 144 Pieces Total, 72 Large and 72 Small (~$7.88)

Fiskars 14×14 Inch Self Healing Rotating Cutting Mat (~26.30 for 14” square)

Floranea 100 Pcs T pins Nickel Plated 1 Inch Needles Pin for Blocking Knitting Modelling Craft Sewing Office Home Needlework Projects ($5.49 for 100 1-inch long T-pins)

Dritz Longarm Magnetic Pin Bowl, Silver (~$11.72)

Appliquik tool rods for turned edge appliqué ($42)

Appliquik starter kit ($68, two rods, stabilizer, glue stick, marker pencils)


Lowes – Green Insulation Foam Board (for design walls), 1″ thick x 4′ x 8′

JoAnn Fabrics… home dec fabrics for design wall cover. I generally use a flat black for one side, and an off-white solid color or textured fabric for the other. This also makes a great background for photographing your final projects! I’ve usually been able to find a nice black fabric for ~ 10/yard (after using a 50% off coupon). I splurged more for the off-white side because I found a beautiful fabric with a great texture. I use that wall in my home office to hold my calendar and a decorative quilt… plus anything else I want to tack to the design wall! Handy!

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