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Join me as I chat with Chris Voss about my Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures book series!

I also have a special gift for podcast listeners: a free ebook copy of my award-winning first book, The Secret of the Magic eyePad.

This offer is good through 12/31/2023!

Solve It! For Kids!

While researching my fourth book on Hilton Head Island, I came up with the idea, what if I could solve a real problem?

The problem I tackled: how to save baby sea turtles from becoming disoriented from artificial lights that lure them inland to their deaths. Working with Amber Kuehn, Director of Sea Turtle Patrol Hilton Head Island, I came up with a simple prototype that is working!

Teach better talk!

This podcasts focuses on educators … and how to teach better! Join me as I chat with hosts Jeff Gargas & Rae Hughart about problem-solving skills!

Solve It! For Kids!

This STEM podcast focuses on kids! Most episodes feature a project you can do on your own.

Join me as I chat with hosts Jennifer Swanson and Jed Doherty about why engineers need to know how things break! Then try my Great Egg Drop Challenge with a crash test dummy twist!

STEM Everyday

Join me as I chat with host Chris Woods about my STEM journey, and why I became engaged with helping kids succeed in STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math.

While you’re at it, check out Chris’s book, Daily STEM, for ideas to engage your students and children in STEM… everyday! His book includes QR codes that will take you directly to short videos at the end of every chapter. It’s a must read for the STEM enthusiast!

Love of literacy

Join me as I chat with Katie Storey, host of Love of Literacy. It’s World Science Day this week & this was the perfect episode to release to celebrate that! Marsha is an author (of 3 middle grade books based on scientific principles) as well as a fascinating scientist & engineer. She has encouraging words for women who want to pursue careers in STEM & you won’t want to miss this one! 

Join me as I chat with podcast host Jaison Dolvane as we talk about how you can help set your kids up for success in math, build the resilience that comes from learning from failure, and empower them to follow their dreams, even when it gets tough.

steam powered

Join me and podcast Michelle Ong as we chat about my engineering journey, Putney’s World, and underwater hockey… Video is available on this one!

the bookshop at the end of the internet

Join me as I chat with podcast host Stacey Horan about my STEM adventure book series!

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