ThE secret of the magic eyepad

She dreams of becoming an inventor. 

First, she has to survive middle school…


Putney Hicks just wants things to go right for once. A socially awkward girl dropped among rich kids in an experimental STEM institution, the anxious twelve-year-old can’t seem to see her own potential. But life sprinkles in a surprise when she receives a mysterious tablet housing an advanced, talkative intelligence.


Wondering if the friendly pixie in the device is alien or supernatural, Putney is determined to keep it safe while exploring its possibilities. But when competitive art and science projects lead to an ill-advised bet with a wealthy mean girl, the would-be engineer may be in way over her head.


Will Putney’s mysterious new mentor help her make it through her first week in class?


The Secret of the Magic eyePad is the award-winning first book in the Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures middle grade series. If you like girls in STEM, preteen drama, and clever innovations, then you’ll love MK Tufft’s lighthearted tale.


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2021 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Award for Children – Adventure (original title, Putney and the Magic eyePad).

2020 Mom’s Choice Gold Medal Award Recipient

The buoyancy project

A perplexing task. A mystery to solve. Can a scientist-in-the-making find the answers hiding in plain sight?

Putney Hicks is itching to take on her next challenge. Preparing for her school’s cardboard-boat regatta, the twelve-year-old inventor hunts down ways to stop the flimsy craft from sinking into a soggy mess. But after she rescues her neighbor’s dog from a rip current, the curious girl can’t shake the thought that the solution is right in front of her eyes…

Joined by her new canine companion and using her magical tablet as she explores an alligator-infested lagoon, Putney is dismayed when she’s paired on the project with her arch-nemesis. And as they reluctantly put their heads together, she suddenly realizes that the scaly swamp predators could hold the secret to their experiment’s success.

Can these stubborn rivals overcome their differences and construct a winning waterproof design?

The Buoyancy Project is the ingenious second book in the Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures middle-grade series. If you like scientifically empowered young women, entertaining escapades, and real-life mathematical motivation, then you’ll love Marsha Tuft’s MacGyver-like enterprise.

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Project first flight

To strengthen her skills, she’ll turn to the scientific method. But can this middle schooler also learn how to mend a broken relationship?

Putney Hicks’s watery nightmare has officially come to life. After a poor practice session means she has to swim her worst stroke at the next meet, she’s anxious she won’t stand a chance against her competitors. But as she works hard on improving her terrible technique, she’s even more stressed after learning she’ll be racing against her former best friend.

Drawing inspiration from her recently emerged monarch butterflies and a hummingbird droid, Putney grows hopeful when the flapping-flight data helps her better understand swimming. But with her nemesis moving in next door and her robotic bird being tailed by mysterious drones, the young scientist fears she’ll crack under the pressure.

With a gold medal and old friendship on the line, is Putney’s STEM savvy the key to success?

Project First Flight is the thrilling third book in the award-winning Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures middle grade series. If you like determined problem-solvers, hi-tech experiments, and bold AI sidekicks, then you’ll love Marsha Tufft’s inspiring tale.

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the sea turtle spy project

She’s about to invent a genius solution. But when her AI pal goes AWOL, can she find her friend while designing a life-saving device?

Twelve-year-old Putney Hicks is ready to spring into action. As news spreads of a legendary three-legged turtle laying its eggs, she fears that the bright lights of a nearby porch will tempt the vulnerable babies away from the ocean. And with only ten days left before they hatch, Putney works furiously on a clever prototype to save the newborns before they become easy prey for hungry predators.

Just as the ingenious middle schooler makes progress on her design, she’s terrified when her beloved AI companion vanishes. And without her trusted helper by her side, Putney’s frantic efforts to rescue the tiny reptiles could be in jeopardy.

With the clock ticking, can she track down her smart sidekick and help the hatchlings survive?

The Sea Turtle Spy Project is the energizing fourth book in the award-winning Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures middle grade series. If you like courageous young girls, seaside settings, and science-inspired curiosity, then you’ll love Marsha Tufft’s fun-filled mission.

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project s.a.m.

Be careful what you wish for…

Sam dreams of simple things… a real friend, the freedom to go on picnics on the moors in England. Just one problem–she doesn’t have arms or legs, except in a special room where she can be projected as a 3D hologram, just like the holodeck on Star Trek.

When her dad surprises her with a special tablet, capable of transporting her anywhere in mobile holographic form, she goes on her first picnic ever! It’s a wish come true… until things go horribly wrong.

There’s no going back now. For the first time in Sam’s life, the future is unwritten.

Project S.A.M. is the thrilling short story prequel in the award-winning Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures middle grade series. If you want to learn how Sam became Putney’s magic eyePad, then you’ll love Marsha Tufft’s quirky tale… also available as a FREE PDF to Marsha’s VIP subscribers HERE:

The Training game


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