thanks for voting for cover 4C!

Thank you for your feedback!

This cover used version 4B as a starting point. I applied a stylizing filter to sections, then incorporated the elements into a whole! It was an iterative process as the nest poles looked like they were on fire after my first attempt!

This is pretty much my dream cover for Book 4. I could not have gotten here with AI alone. (Did I mention AI doesn’t take direction well??) My cover designer really nailed the Nancy Drew feel I was going for.

All I really did was work to lighten the cover and find a way to enhance the colors to make them more vibrant.

P.S. I did reach out to my cover designer to ask how or if she wanted to be cited. She replied:

“It is your property to do what you wish and add any filters you’d like. In my opinion it looks filtered and computer generated which is a style you may prefer and that’s fine! 

Please do not credit me on these covers since it changes the drawing dramatically, and if my name is on it I feel that people will assume I chose to use a filter on my artwork which I do not do.”

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