Putney's World

Curious about Putney’s world? The lagoons, the birds, the beach? Check out the photo gallery below.
Scroll down to the end for a high resolution map of “Putney’s Palmetto Dunes.”

Curious about Underwater Hockey? Scroll to the very bottom for actual photos taken by me at many tournaments and clinics!

A look inside Putney's World

Underwater Hockey... a game in 3 dimensions!

Yes! Underwater Hockey is for real! Like Quidditch, it’s a game played in three dimensions… but in water, not air. The photos below are some of the best I’ve taken over the years, and include a range of clinics and tournaments, plus a few from the 2002 World Championships in Calgary, Canada.

There are a lot of challenges to shooting pictures underwater, especially in indoor pools… getting enough light, using strobe lighting, color balance, getting in position for a shot, and time lag for digital cameras (at the time) between when you push the button to take the picture, and when the shutter actually releases and captures the shot. Many of these images were processed in Photoshop to improve color balance. It’s a different world underwater!

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